"Helping Neighbors Connect"



HolylandWifi had been in the works for nearly two years before it was launched in September of 2009. The business started more as a community project and hobby between two friends and not a large corporate business, money making venture. We are a small provider and understand the small close knit community we live in and the need to help our neighbors as they help us. Our goal is to support as many neighbors as possible without sacrificing speed, reliability, and most importantly keep the costs low.
With the overwhelming support of our neighbors we are now able to provide some of the fastest residential internet connections in the area. The technology we use has been in the industry for many years and is commonly referred to as WiFi access. Some companies offer similar connections with speeds ranging from 256k to 1 mb connection speeds. HolylandWifi prides its self on providing connection speeds that in most cases exceed 5mb and for some customers can reach speeds of 15 mb bursts. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience stemming from years of training, job experience and education.

As we live within our service area, HolylandWiFi is dedicated to helping our neighbors get the internet connection speeds they need at a price we all can afford.